The Navy Day firework from a roof

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The Navy Day firework from a roof

The Day of the Russian Navy takes place on the last weekend of July. This means that the city will see fireworks over the waves of the Neva river. The fireworks will be seen over the cathedrals and palaces. Residents and visitors will be able to contemplate the parade of warships. The view is spectacular and exciting. The company Piter Tours offers you to celebrate this day on a roof, where it is best to watch the fireworks.

What is included in the tour

Why is it worth watching the fireworks from the roof?

St. Petersburg is famous for its architectural and historical sights. It is a mysterious and amazing city that will captivate tourists with its beauty and atmosphere. But even if you have lived in St. Petersburg for many years, you can see it from a completely different angle by walking on the roofs. You will be able to appreciate its grandiosity by not looking at photographs taken from a high point, but seeing firsthand the beauty and the grandeur of the Nothern capital of Russia.

What do we offer?

We have prepared for you a full range of services, including safe circulation on the roofs of the city. We offer to:

  • admire the fireworks from the roof;
  • see the panoram of evening St. Petersburg in all its glory;
  • get positive emotions;
  • use the services of a photographer.

We will make this day memorable and interesting for you.

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Walking time 1 hour

Price1500 ₽ per person


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This certificate entitles its holder to visit any excursion for an amount equivalent to the amount specified in the certificate. It is possible to purchase a certificate in the amount of 3,000 and 7,000 rubles. The funds indicated in the certificate for cash are not exchanged.

To order a certificate, fill out the form and our manager will contact you.


Why are we the best?

Our advantages

We value every client

Gifts and bonuses are guaranteed

It's safe

we have already checked the roofs and prepared them for customers


we have assembled a team of guides who can tell unique facts and stories from the life of the city in several languages

Our work is legal

we guide the participants on a proven route, which we have prepared and approved with all authorities in advance


Fill an application form on the website


Wait for the booking to be confirmed


Make the payment for the tour


Receive a message with the location and the address of the meeting with our guide


Commence an exciting journey

We advise all of our roof tour participants to wear comfortable clothes and shoes that do not restrict movement.

Cameras and phones are welcome – we will help you take unforgettable pictures.

We do not walk on the roofs in bad weather, which is why in case of rain or other bad weather the time and date of the tour may be changed.

We do not refund money for a tour that you have not visited at the agreed time.

If you are under 14 years old, we will conduct a tour for you only if you are accompanied by your parents.

Special offer

Do you want to go for a walk on the roofs with a big group of friends?
We offer you one free ticket as a bonus.
For a group of 5 people 1 ticket is absolutely free.

The offer is valid in case of a one-time visit of all five participants and
applies only to the "walk on the roof" that costs 750₽

Make an online application and get answers to all questions

or contact us by phone +7 (812) 565-17-03

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