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Classic sightseeing bus tour of St. Petersburg

Every year thousands of tourists come to St. Petersburg in search of bright impressions and new emotions. The Northern capital opens its doors to everyone, and our Agency Piter Tours is ready to become your confident guide and help you get started. A classic option of acquaintance with St. Petersburg is a sightseeing tour that passes through all the key places of the city. You will see firsthand:

  • The Bronze Horseman;
  • Birzhevaya square;
  • Nevsky prospect;
  • Winter Palace and Peter's house;
  • Rostral columns;
  • St. Isaac's, Birzhevaya and Palace squares;
  • Vasilkovsky island;
  • Church of the Savior on Blood.
  • The Cruiser "Aurora";
  • The field of Mars.

Our experienced guide will tell you important historical facts, legends and myths that surround literally every architectural creation of the city. If desired, the guide will demonstrate other attractions: Peter and Paul fortress, Museum of the Waters. With our help, you can visit the most amazing places, get a charge of vivacity and positive, as well as take stunning shots on the background of the beauty of St. Petersburg. In order to sign up for a classic sightseeing tour, leave a request on the website.

What is included in the tour

Where do we suggest to go by bus?

Our team has prepared several routes for traveling by bus in St. Petersburg and its surroundings. You can easily join the classic sightseeing tour, which will tell you the long history of the Northern capital, introduce you to the main attractions and open the veil of secrets about the myths and legends surrounding the historical places.

If you already know every street of St. Petersburg, we will offer you a trip to Petergof or Pushkin, where you can fully appreciate the architectural grandeur of the Royal palaces and plunge into that era. This is where you can experience incredible emotions, take amazing photos, admire the luxury and nobility of sculptures, the greatness of man-made monuments of art. If you haven't been to Petergof Park yet, we will guide you among its amazing plants that are still striking in their diversity. This tour will be interesting not only for lovers of art and history. It just needs to be seen!

You can sign up for a tour on the website, and get more information by phone.

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Excursion time 2 hours

The size of the groupup to 15 people

Price790 ₽ per person


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This certificate entitles its holder to visit any excursion for an amount equivalent to the amount specified in the certificate. It is possible to purchase a certificate in the amount of 3,000 and 7,000 rubles. The funds indicated in the certificate for cash are not exchanged.

To order a certificate, fill out the form and our manager will contact you.


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we have already checked the roofs and prepared them for customers


we have assembled a team of guides who can tell unique facts and stories from the life of the city in several languages

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we guide the participants on a proven route, which we have prepared and approved with all authorities in advance


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Commence an exciting journey

We advise all of our roof tour participants to wear comfortable clothes and shoes that do not restrict movement.

Cameras and phones are welcome – we will help you take unforgettable pictures.

We do not walk on the roofs in bad weather, which is why in case of rain or other bad weather the time and date of the tour may be changed.

We do not refund money for a tour that you have not visited at the agreed time.

If you are under 14 years old, we will conduct a tour for you only if you are accompanied by your parents.

Special offer

Do you want to go for a walk on the roofs with a big group of friends?
We offer you one free ticket as a bonus.
For a group of 5 people 1 ticket is absolutely free.

The offer is valid in case of a one-time visit of all five participants and
applies only to the "walk on the roof" that costs 750₽

Make an online application and get answers to all questions

or contact us by phone +7 (812) 565-17-03

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The Northern capital is pleased to welcome You! First time in the city? It's okay – a sightseeing tour of St. Petersburg will help you get to know it better. We will tell the stories of St. Petersburg buildings, squares and streets, gardens and parks, monuments of legendary personalities, important events in the life of the city that influenced its fate.

What is worth seeing in St. Petersburg?

It is quite uncomfortable to look for historical objects without a guide in St. Petersburg. We provide an experienced guide for an interesting pastime and company. During the classic sightseeing tour you will visit:

  • Saint Isaac's Cathedral;
  • The Winter palace;
  • Admiralty;
  • The Bronze Horseman;
  • Peter and Paul Fortress.
  • The field of Mars.
  • The legendary house of Peter I;
  • The Exchange house;
  • Vasilievsky island.

Despite the dynamic schedule, the classic tour does not tire, but gives positive emotions and the opportunity to learn the history of each memorable site in detail. It lasts for 1.5 – 2 hours. After that, the aesthetic contemplation of the city can be continued by boat, sailing on the rivers and canals around the city. If you are in St. Petersburg, do not miss the opportunity to visit the Hermitage and the theater layout "Peter's water area".

A classic tour for romantic personalities

The tour can be turned into a fairy tale for two. The cost of this service is 5000₽. With our help, you will be able to arrange a romantic, and at the same time useful date with your partner. And if the weather disposes, a picnic for two is exactly what people in love could use. The romance of the city, its majesty, comfort and mystery will give your relationship elegance and aristocracy. Price of service – 3000₽.

You can also please your partner by ordering a romantic photo shoot in the city worth 3000₽ (30 min). We can also provide a musician that will help to strengthen the connection and become a pleasant surprise. We offer romantic melodies on violin, guitar or saxophone from a real virtuoso. The cost of service – 2500₽/30 min.

But this is not all the impressions that can be gotten from the hospitable St. Petersburg. A tour is a tiring journey. You need to eat in order to recharge. You can order meals of local or European cuisine from us. The price is quite affordable.

The exquisite journey through the historical places of St. Petersburg can leave even more warm memories, if you please your partner by decorating the place of your romantic date with rose petals and balloons. Human imagination is unlimited. You do not need much to please your loved one. What you need is warmth, care, comfort, understanding, and, of course, a little travel. This way you can be alone, get a real aesthetic pleasure, contemplating the beautiful city, in order to return to it again and again in search of romantic moments.