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Are you visiting St. Petersburg for the first time and want to get to know it as much as possible? Or do you live in the city, but do not know how to effectively and interestingly spend the weekend? Our Agency Piter Tours offers a number of first-class excursions to the sights of the city. Our services involve interesting and informative walks, during which you will see the historic cathedrals and the embankment from a roof, walk through grand entrances of the architectural buildings and visit the courtyards, with their own history. You will hear all of this from a professional guide, who will lead you through places that can leave the best memories.

Tours to grand entrances and courtyards

St. Petersburg is a beautiful city, famous not only for its cathedrals, the embankment and the river, but also for the grand entrances of historical houses. Our travel Agency Piter Tours will show to tourists and residents of the city masterpieces of architecture. In particular, we will show the grand entrances, from which you won't be able to look away. The creators often hid their art from the uninitiated eye in a prominent place.

What is attractive about the grand entrances and courtyards of St. Petersburg

Did you know that the city has a courtyard-well and the most interesting grand entrances of revenue houses? Even if you already been lucky enough to see it, with our professional guide the area will be presented in a different light. Picturesque interiors are perfect for a photo shoot, and you will learn the history of revenue houses, lasting for centuries. This tour will cost you 790₽ per person.

For many people, the word "grand" sounds strange. In order to get to know these places closer, we recommend ordering an individual or a group tour. We will tell you why St. Petersburg entrances attract attention, and what justifies their proud name.

Why are they called grand entrances?

A real Petersburger will never say "front door". For them it is only the grand entrance! In this city there is no boring interior. Every grand entrance has its own history. In some places you can see the exit of the Imperial Palace. With us, you'll see a small and large grand entrances, with the sculpture, expensive ornaments and chandeliers. All of this applies to the grand entrances. After seeing them firsthand, you will be genuinely amazed by their greatness and diversity. We will tell you where the name "grand entrance" came from in St. Petersburg, show exclusive places, which will be interesting not only for tourists, but also for local residents.

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Walking time 1.5 hours

The size of the group up to 15 people

Price790 ₽ per person


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This certificate entitles its holder to visit any excursion for an amount equivalent to the amount specified in the certificate. It is possible to purchase a certificate in the amount of 3,000 and 7,000 rubles. The funds indicated in the certificate for cash are not exchanged.

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We advise all of our roof tour participants to wear comfortable clothes and shoes that do not restrict movement.

Cameras and phones are welcome – we will help you take unforgettable pictures.

We do not walk on the roofs in bad weather, which is why in case of rain or other bad weather the time and date of the tour may be changed.

We do not refund money for a tour that you have not visited at the agreed time.

If you are under 14 years old, we will conduct a tour for you only if you are accompanied by your parents.

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Do you want to go for a walk on the roofs with a big group of friends?
We offer you one free ticket as a bonus.
For a group of 5 people 1 ticket is absolutely free.

The offer is valid in case of a one-time visit of all five participants and
applies only to the "walk on the roof" that costs 750₽

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