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Piter tours is a professional team that has been successfully organizing tours of St. Petersburg since 2013. We are open to new horizons and are ready to expand. If You want to join our company or create a representative office in another city, we are ready to cooperate. We are already working with various companies and are ready for mutually beneficial and fruitful partnership. We care about our reputation and are ready not only to share experience, but also to learn new things!

If you have something to offer, we encourage you to become our partner. It is very simple to sign a contract with us. It is enough to perform only 4 steps.

It is easy to become our partner!

  1.  Leave a request by email
  2. Receive an answer with the contract form
  3. Read the terms of cooperation
  4. Sign the contract

Join us!

We have a time-tested reputation and generous agency earnings

Send a request to info@pitertours.ru

We will send you a letter with a form of the contract and terms of cooperation

After signing the contract we work and give positive emotions to people