Piter Tours

Piter Tours is not a company or a travel agency. It is a family, united by a genuine love for St. Petersburg and a desire to tell the world about it. We have prepared exciting routes, interesting stories and unknown facts that will not leave you indifferent.

We have organized roof tours for more than 5 years. We do our best to make these trips available and interesting for every tourist, because the view of the city from above is an immersion into a completely different world.

5 years

of work

25 guides

work every day

17 466 excursions

have been conducted

Why should you take a tour of the rooftops?

If you think you know St. Petersburg after having visited the Hermitage or other tourist attractions, we dare to dissuade you. We have prepared for you a real acquaintance with the city, which will be held on the roofs of iconic buildings. We will happily immerse you into the atmosphere of rooftops, leave you with unforgettable emotions and help you make awesome pictures.

We are proud of our guides!

We know how important it is to think through the tour to the last detail. We don't only focus on a beautiful route. We have assembled a team of 23 professional guides who strike with their charisma and possess a lot of unique information about the area. They will be your guides to the beautiful, ambiguous and mysterious "real St. Petersburg".

Who chooses roof tours?

Do you think that a walk on the roofs is not for you and only suits extreme people? We do not suggest you to overcome yourself, making inhuman efforts. We have already been on these roofs and prepared everything for the appearance of tourists there. We can offer you to order a romantic walk, a picnic and even a real fairy tale for two with amazing views on the rivers and canals of the city. A trip like this will be the brightest memory for people of all ages! Our services are regularly used by star bands and duets, their photos are on the website.