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Look at Saint Petersburg from a different perspective

Tours on the roofs of St. Petersburg (individual and group)

from 600₽ per person


Dates on the roofs of St. Petersburg

from 3000 ₽


Bridges from the roof of St. Petersburg

1200₽ per person


Tours of the courtyards and front

790₽ per person


Water excursions in St. Petersburg

900₽ per person


Bus tours of St. Petersburg

790₽ per person


View fireworks from the roof

1500₽ per person


Scarlet sails from the roof

5000₽ per person


Scooter rental



Why are we the best?

Our advantages

We value every client

Gifts and bonuses are guaranteed

It's safe

we have already checked the roofs and prepared them for customers


we have assembled a team of guides who can tell unique facts and stories from the life of the city in several languages

Our work is legal

we guide the participants on a proven route, which we have prepared and approved with all authorities in advance


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We advise all of our roof tour participants to wear comfortable clothes and shoes that do not restrict movement.

Cameras and phones are welcome – we will help you take unforgettable pictures.

We do not walk on the roofs in bad weather, which is why in case of rain or other bad weather the time and date of the tour may be changed.

We do not refund money for a tour that you have not visited at the agreed time.

If you are under 14 years old, we will conduct a tour for you only if you are accompanied by your parents.

Special offer

Do you want to go for a walk on the roofs with a big group of friends?
We offer you one free ticket as a bonus.
For a group of 5 people 1 ticket is absolutely free.

The offer is valid in case of a one-time visit of all five participants and
applies only to the "walk on the roof" that costs 750₽

Make an online application and get answers to all questions

or contact us by phone +7 (812) 565-17-03

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Corporate parties with Piter Tours are more interesting than in the office

Extraordinary St. Petersburg city tours with Piter Tours

The company Piter Tours specializes on carrying out exciting excursions in St. Petersburg (Russia). We make sure that residents and guests of the city not only learn new information about the historical and cultural monuments of the Northern capital, but also get a lot of new experiences, a positive adrenaline rush and vivacity. Our motto is roof and water tours in SPb. We are ready to give you an unforgettable excursion to the popular areas of the city and tell you a story that was unknown before. Our team of experienced guides is ready to go on this wonderful journey right now. What about you? Are you ready to hit the road? Leave an application on the website and wait for further instructions.

Excursions and date nights on the roof – meet Saint Petersburg on new heights

It is probably impossible to come up with a more exciting pastime than walking on the roofs – this is the "forbidden fruit" for every second young person in love and everyone who likes extreme. This is not only interesting in terms of testing your own abilities. It is a great opportunity to see the world through different eyes, get incomparable emotions and take a lot of impressive photos. We offer to our clients group and personal tours, conducted by experienced guides in several languages. We guarantee you that you will not get bored, because the journey route is rich and exciting.

For those of you who do not appreciate climbing skyscrapers and testing their nerves, we offer a quiet romantic picnic on the roof. This kind of event will bring a spark into your relationship, make it more interesting and bright. We will provide you with everything you need: food, music, decorations, furniture. Your job will be to enjoy the evening sky, the beauty of the city and each other.

Why do people choose us?

Any trip to St. Petersburg or any other major city of the world is more interesting if you are accompanied by a person who knows the land perfectly, the characteristics of each building and can tell some little-known facts. This is exactly what we do for our customers. We organize and successfully conduct exciting excursions with a rich program, that are very different from those printed in brochures. We have already been doing it for 5 years. We know the city from the inside and we give each client the opportunity to learn it the same way.

We guarantee every customer:

  • Safety – we only conduct walks in places where there are no emergencies and it is possible to completely ensure the safety of each participant.
  • Comfort – our guides will tell you what clothes to wear, what to take with you just in case and all the safety rules on a roof of a house or in a boat.
  • Simple and quick tour booking for a convenient date and time.
  • Affordable prices – the cost of our excursions starts from 700₽ per person and is available to everyone.
  • Legitimacy – we do not invade on private territory without permission. We offer you to travel.

We have a wide range of programs that involve both active pastime and sightseeing tours.